Core Services – at a Glance

    • Implementation

      EFR specializes in guiding clients through the design, build, and Go Live features of their Yardi system. Firms are thereby empowered to deploy and maintain the system with confidence so that they can utilize it on their own without our continued assistance. To implement your system successfully, a number of inter-related tasks and key configurations need to be executed in an organized sequence that will ultimately drive the user experience and overall return.

      Our team has combined technical expertise of Yardi Systems with effective real estate operations, which is a vital element for yielding maximum return and gives us the power to make truly efficient and stable changes.

    • Data Conversion

      EFR offers the specialized skills that are often needed for the movement of data from a legacy source or multiple sources to a Yardi database. We support this process by validating the system of record for your source data and methodically mapping it to the Yardi database.

      With an understanding of our clients’ business needs at deployment, we can ensure the conversion of key data that will prove to be essential in saving down-the-road dollars, delays, and costly correction periods. With our conversions in place, you will witness much more accuracy behind your practices and be better prepared to put your best foot forward as a company.

    • Custom Reporting

      We understand that professional reporting impacts a business at all levels, from the minutest and most seemingly trivial of details to the most obvious portions of information, which is why EFR facilitates this process for our customers by designing custom reports to meet your exact requirements. Our report writers offer a wide range of custom report solutions that leverage Yardi reporting functionality such as: FillDocs, SSRS, Crystal, YSR, Correspondence, YSL, and more.

      Regardless of your specific need, EFR’s custom report services can save you time and money and will deliver the highest quality reports available. You will find that these reports contain all of the necessary criteria to address any potential problems with viable solutions.

    • Business Process Review

      EFR will perform an analysis of your business design and workflow processes to recommend and support industry best practices. Impacts are often substantial in improving customer service, decreasing operational costs, and growing bottom line NOI. Our business process review is formulated to maximize your company’s abilities without removing the vital traits that contribute to the founding vision behind your company. We aim to better enable your company’s success without sacrificing its identity in the process.

      You can count on us to analyze every bit of data and provide thorough elaboration on how and why we think that your company should eliminate past processes or encompass new approaches.

    • Training

      EFR offers several methods of training to maximize user adoption and performance of your Yardi system. We want you to have the option(s) that best equips employees with transferable skills. If they can bring back skills from training, they can not only perform more successfully in their jobs but do with more confidence in their abilities. Agendas and scope vary from one company to the next and at each staff level. EFR will work with you to customize a training program that will be most effective to your team and their location(s). Methods typically utilized include:

      • Classroom Training
      • Web Training
      • On-the-Job-Training